Steeping Guide

For the best flavor and experience, we recommend using the Gong Fu, (traditional Chinese method) for brewing your tea. A Gaiwan or clay teapot is preferred.

Gong Fu Brewing:
There are no hard rules, but we suggest using boiling or near boiling water, and around 1g of tea for every 15ml of water (8g of tea for a ~120ml vessel). First warm up the tea ware with hot water for 10-20 seconds, then place the tea in the gaiwan or teapot. If you like you can give it a shake and smell the warmed, dry leaves. Rinse the leaves with the hot water, and immediately pour it out. Begin with a short steep of 3-5 seconds. Keep the first 3-4 infusion times short, then gradually increase steep time for successive brews. For example: ~3s, 5s, 5s, 7s, 10s, 15s, 25s, 45s, etc.

"Grandpa Style" Brewing:
A simple way to brew - all you need is a glass or mug, water and tea. Place 3g (~2 teaspoons) of leaf in the glass or mug, add 8oz hot water (205-212F), wait 3-5 min and enjoy! You can continue to add more water if you like.

Western Brewing:
Add 5g (3-4 teaspoons) of tea to a standard sized teapot or large mug. Add 12 oz hot water (205-212F) and steep for ~5 min. Adjust tea/water ratio, water temperature and steep time depending on your personal preference.