About Us


Jacob Knapp is a professional photographer and tea enthusiast who first traveled to China in 2014. Since then, he has joined several tea companies on sourcing trips to China and Taiwan. In 2018 he met Li Huarong, who's family has been making tea in the Wuyi Mountains for generations. In 2019, he visited his family farm during the annual picking season. In 2020, he opened Nine Dragons Tea to share his love of these teas.


The Farmers

We work directly with the Li and Peng family, who have been making tea for generations. All of our Zheng Yan ("true cliff") teas were made by Chen Zhen Ying, who is the Deputy Director of the Wuyishan Tea Research Institute, and expertly roasted by Gao Peng, who won the Yan Cha Grand Prize in 2018.

Li Huarong runs Tong Xin She Tea House in Shenzhen, and helps his family pick and process tea every year.